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Aquatics Standards

• Children 12 years of age and under must be accompanied by a chaperone at least 16 years of age. Children under 6 years of age MUST be within arms reach at all times.
• Proper swim wear and attire appropriate for a family environment is required.  No street clothes are permitted. 
• Children that are not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper. Do not change diapers on the pool deck or patio furniture. There is a restroom with a changing table provided.
• Do not put any shoes that have been used on the deck or ground in the pool.
• The pools will have a Children’s R &R break for 10 minutes every hour and a half.  Please see the posted schedule.  Participants or guests 11 and under must exit the pool at this time.  Swim Lessons and Swim Team programs do not have to break during Children’s R & R.
• If the ThorGuard sounds off with one long signal, it is warning patrons and staff that atmosphere in the vicinity conducive of lightning.  Patrons must clear all outdoor areas (including the pools) until the "All Clear” Signal of three blasts had been sounded. 
• A long whistle blast by a lifeguard or pool staff member means to immediately exit the pool.
• Do not talk or visit with lifeguards while they are on duty. Lifeguards are only on duty to keep participants safe and respond in case of emergency. The Aquatics Manager, Head Swim Coach, Head Lifeguards, SwimFit Manager or Aquatics Director will answer any questions that participants may have.
• Patrons must cooperate with the Lifeguards and follow their instructions without question.
• The Club Pool Management and authorized personnel reserve the right to expel anyone not following pool rules and reserve the right to limit or suspend pool privileges.
• Walk around the pool.  Running is not permitted for safety reasons. 
• No gum, glass, tobacco, weapons, drug paraphernalia, profanity, fighting, pushing, public indecency, running dives, twisting, running jumps off pool edge, spitting, or harassment are permitted.
• Conduct that may endanger others is prohibited.
• No playing, hanging, sitting or climbing out of the pools on railings or lane lines.
• No dunking or throwing people into or within the pool and hot tub.
• Climbing on the poles, fences, trash receptacles, and amenities, guard chairs around the pool, into the landscaping and onto rock features is prohibited.
• Games must be kept in areas designated by the staff.  No wrestling, "chicken fights,” or excessive splash fights.
• Masks, fins, snorkels, tubes of any kind are only allowed in designated areas.  Rafts are not permitted.
• Toys and balls may be allowed but must be of soft material. Acceptable toys will be left to the discretion of the lifeguard on duty.
• No excessive public displays of affection.
• Diving is only allowed in designated areas. During Open Swim, use of the starting blocks is not permitted.
• There is no diving at the Resort and Sports Pool except under the supervision of a coach or instructor.  Diving for the edge of the pool is permitted in the 8 ft deep area of the Garden Pool with supervision.
• Wet swimmers are not allowed in the lobby, Center Court or locker room areas. Please dry off prior to leaving the pool area.
• Texas State Code requires all patrons to take head-to-toe soap showers before entering the pool. 
• Individuals with open wounds and sores should not enter the pool.
• Individuals who have experienced intestinal distress may not swim in any pools or use the hot tubs for 10 days following.  Examples of Intestinal Distress include but are not limited to diarrhea, loose stools, vomiting, etc.
• Do to safety there must always be a 4ft wide path clear of obstacles around each pool.  Anyone moving furniture must cooperate with pool staff if asked to move.

The following are specific to Resort Pool Slide:
• Slide in a feet first entry in a seated or laying down position on back.
• One person on the slide at a time. The next person must wait until the slide and water bellow are clear before entering the slide. If a Lifeguard is on duty, please watch for their hand signals telling sliders when to go.
• Clear the splashdown area immediately.

The following are specific to the Hot Tub Area:
• Children under the age of 6 are not permitted in the hot tub at anytime.
• Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a chaperone over the age of 16 while in the hot tub.
• No jumping, splashing, spitting, or horseplay of any kind is permitted.
• No swim toys or swim gear is permitted in the Hot Tub.

The following are specific to the Sports Pool:
• Participants must able to swim one length of the pool without stopping in order to use Sports Pool.
• Participants must be swimming laps or Aquajogging. No crossing the lanes or recreational play will be permitted.
• Swimmers must always be willing to share lanes and circle swimming is encouraged.
• Scheduled programs and swim lessons have priority over lap swimming and lap swimming has priority over recreational swimming.
• No children in swim diapers will be permitted. 

The following are specific to the Garden Pool:
• Please be courteous to our hotel guests and keep in mind that the Garden Pool is designated as our quiet pool.
• Programs and swim lessons have priority over recreational swimming.
• No hanging, sitting, standing, or pulling on the lane line.