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Class Descriptions


An extensive offering of classes providing a dynamic exercise program guaranteed to get you in shape by burning calories, toning and strengthening the body.


Challenge yourself using water resistance in this 30 minute shallow water workout.  Treck across the pool with light impact on your joints while working the upper body with resistance and revving up the cardio.  This class is fun, fast and invigorating. Water shoes are required.

Aqua Splash Conditioning

Cardiovascular and resistance training are incorporated into this deep and shallow-water workout providing an invigorating, pain-free range of motion aquatic workout. All ages are welcome.  Various Aquatics Equipment will be used.

Splash Resistance Training

Get the most resistance from the water incorporating a combination of resistance gear and aqua-jogging moves.  This class will challenge all levels of fitness, helping to build endurance and strength.

HydroLates Water Pilates

Using the principals and exercises based on Pilates, this water based class will focus on balance, stability, flexibility, breathing, core strength and postural alignment.

High Energy Cardio, Core and More
This one hour deep water class is perfect for men and women. It is intense enough for the physically fit while it also can be modified for the beginner. A variety of movements and rhythms are used to tone, strengthen and enhance muscle groups.

INTENSITY      $225 per 4- week sessions (April 12-May 5) (May 10-June 2) (July 12-Aug 4) (Aug. 9-Sept. 1)
Push past beginner training plateaus with a variety of shallow and deep water training designed to target agility, balance, coordination and speed in addition to cardio capacity.  Click here for more information

Liquid Weight Room     (Mid-February through November)
Liquid Weight Room is the power of liquid resistance in the H20. Either in the Shallow or Deep in the pool this program provides a range of strength building and toning exercises through the properties of drag and resistance in the H20.  A variety of equipment will be used from Hydro-Bells, Bands, Kick-boxers, Aqua discs, and gloves.  The added bonus is Water Walking to compliment this workout.  It’s a two-fer!

"Kick it Up”  
Kick It Up is a workout with a lot of kicks!  From horizontal to vertical a variety of kicking patterns are used to tone the lower body.  Walk out with shapely legs and a lifted butt.

Splash Dance
This is a class for those who want the warmer water to workout in.  Emphasis is on core stability and neutral alignment while following some fun "dance” moves.  This workout will bring improved body awareness, posture and coordination all while improving cardio/strength conditioning.  Added bonus listening to great tunes!  

Liquid Power Walk  (Mid-February thru November)
This aquatic circuit workout works against the water’s resistive multi-directional forces to create a great pre-cardio/strength, balance, core workout in the deep and shallow end of the pool.

"Hydro Boot Camp”    
This Powerhouse Aquatic Program incorporates H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training).  Get fit using timed intervals of flutter kicking, followed by a short recovery, strength training exercises for improving cardiovascular and muscular conditioning and providing maximum calories burned.

Six Pak  Abs 
Six Pak Abs targets the  six abdominal muscles that provide support to the core.  Working on core strength, balance and stability with the use of the noodle.  Great for those with back issues who cannot do sit ups on land.  Learn to breathe mindfully! 

"Just Add Water”   (February through November)
Just Add Water  is a Dynamic Water Walking program in the shallow or deep end of the pool.  Working on a variety of gait patterns building muscular strength and core stability.  Due to the water’s resistance, walking 30 minutes in the water is equivalent to 3 miles on land.  This is a great warm-up class prior to the cardio aqua classes.  Start your day with a morning walk in the Pool enjoying the sounds of nature.

"Hydro Boot Camp”  
This Powerhouse Aquatic Program incorporates H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training).  Get fit using timed intervals of flutter kicking, followed by a short recovery and strength training exercises improving cardiovascular and muscular conditioning and providing maximum calories burned.

Relax and Restore
Relax and restore muscle balance by passively stretching the tired muscles and increasing flexibility with functional movements.  Disciplines of Yoga, Pilates and  Tai Chi, are incorporated bringing the mind, body and spirit together.

Water WorX is a cross between vertical water exercise and float supported swimming drills.  It is designed to help develop cardio and muscular endurance while working the entire body.  Join us for this one-hour challenge!


From beginner lessons to competitive swimming, programs offer conditioning, stroke technique and fun challenges for every age and skill level. Great for those interested in Master's Competitive Swimming, Triathlons or fitness swimming. SwimFit classes are held year round unless otherwise stated.

SwimFit Classes
The Houstonian offers an average of 20 adult swim practices a week as a benefit of your membership. Classes are designated as Distance (longer swims at a moderate pace with low rest, mostly freestyle), Middle Distance (Medium length sets, higher speed, multiple strokes and higher rest), or Sprint (Shorter sets focused on speed with high rest, multiple strokes and lots of drills for technique improvement). Offered every day of the week. Most days have morning and noon options, some days have evening classes, too.

Regular SwimFit: (Seasonal)
Class open to all abilities of swimmer from competitive, triathletes and fitness swimmers.
Designed for stroke and technique improvement and endurance conditioning.

Intensity SwimFit: (Seasonal)
Intensity is a high impact swimming Boot Camp that encompasses muscle confusion
and high calorie burn swim sets. This class will incorporate strength training and endurance
building for swimming..

WiBit Swim Workout: (Seasonal)
A fun swim workout that incorporates the use of the inflatable WiBit along with the
conventional swimming for a unique water experience. Class is open to all levels of swimmer. 

AquaEdge Swim Clinics
AquaEdge Swim Clinics are designed to aid in the development of all four competitive strokes along with starts and turns. One-day and one-week clinics available throughout the year.


Video Swim Clinic
Stroke analysis filming above and below water from several angles to give swimmers visual and verbal feedback on their stroke technique along with tips for improvement. Seasonal workshops or private sessions by appointment. Please see our main Aquatics page for the upcoming series of underwater video clinics and registration forms.
Private and Group Swimming Lessons (Year-round)

All ages, all skill levels. Learn technique and strategy from the top coaches in the area. By appointment. Please call 713-685-6751 to set up lessons.


AquaEdge Swim Clinics for Kids (Saturdays in the Spring and Fridays in July)
Kids ages 6 to 14 will enjoy this fun-filled clinic. Each week techniques and games will help swimmers develop strong understanding of the four different strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly). Clinics will meet Mondays - Thursdays from 3 to 4:30 p.m. There is also a Friday only option from 10 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Dolphins Swim For Fitness (Jan. to April, July to December)
Dolphins Swim Team is a fun, low key developmental program that focuses on stroke technique and conditioning for athletes ages 8 to 16. Kids will get a great foundation for entering school and summer swim team programs.

BlueFins Swim Team (April through June)
Summer League Swim Team for children ages 5 to 14. May through June. Please see registration form for practice schedules. Swim Meets in June.

Group Swim Lessons (April through August)
The Houstonian offers a group swimming lessons for children ages 1 to 7. Children will learn stroke progressions and water safety in a fun, nurturing group setting. Aquatots (Parent & child), StarFish (Ages 3 to 4, beginner), Sea Horses (Ages 3-4, advanced), Sea Lions (Ages 4 to 7). Fees vary; please see registration forms on the main Aquatics page.

Private Swim Lessons (Year-round)
Private, semi-private and private -group lessons are offered at your convenience. By appointment. Please call 713.685.6751 to set up lessons.


SCUBA Rangers and Starfish
SCUBA Rangers™ and Starfish ™ Kids will learn water safety, team building, and responsibility. Starfish (ages 3 ½ to 7) is beginning snorkeling skills. SCUBA Rangers (ages 8-12) is both snorkeling and SCUBA. Call Ann Keibler 713-523-3483 at Oceanic Venture.

Adult Open Water SCUBA
Become a certified Open Water Diver. SCUBA is great activity for the family to do together!!! Join a regularly scheduled class, create a private program or learn in your home coordinated with Houstonian instructors. Call Ann Keibler 713-523-3483 at Oceanic Venture.

For more information please contact the Aquatics Department at 713.685.6751.