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Upgrade Your Membership

Upgrade your Associate Membership to Resident Membership and receive a Longevity Credit to use toward spa services, dues, programs and incidentals.

Membership Upgrade FAQs

Why consider upgrading to Resident Membership?
As your needs change, you may find that upgrading to Resident Membership makes sense from the standpoints of economics and/or amenities. Resident Membership includes a variety of additional privileges, some of which are:

  • Complimentary Bungalow Services
  • Complimentary Guest Privileges (Twice per month and 12 times per year per guest)
  • Locker Rooms without unaccompanied children under 21
  • Special discounts: 20% at Trellis, 10% at The Sports Shop and 10% off food purchases for food-catered functions at The Hotel
  • Gate-accessed parking
  • Private Fitness Center
  • Complimentary use of the Library and Boardroom

How is the upgrade Fee calculated?
The Resident Membership Upgrade Fee is the prevailing Resident Membership Initiation Fee (contact membership department for current pricing) less the original Initiation Fee you paid for your Associate Membership. (Applicable sales taxes apply.)

Can the upgrade Fee be financed?
Yes, there are a number of financing plans available. Once the most appropriate plan is chosen, the monthly amount can simply be added to your current Membership account.

What is the "Longevity Credit”?
When you upgrade your Membership, we are currently offering a Longevity Credit to use toward spa services, dues, programs and incidentals. The Longevity Credit is based on your length of Membership.

Membership Length - Credit

Up to 5 years - $1,000.00
5 through 10 years - $2,000.00
More than years - $3,000.00

Resident Bathroom 2
Resident Bathroom
Resident Private Fitness Center
Resident Private Fitness Center
Resident Locker Room
Resident Locker Room
Resident Steam Room
Resident Steam Room
Resident Showers
Resident Showers
Resident Whirlpool
Resident Whirlpool
To inquiry about upgrade fee and credit fill out the following: