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Youth Yoga

last updated 2/4/15

The Houstonian Youth Yoga is a wellness program with a variety of weekly and monthly classes and camps for babies, toddlers, kids, teens and the whole family. Using age-appropriate theme-based formats, we weave fitness and mindfulness to empower participants to self-regulate body, mind and heart on and off the yoga mat.

Classes are designed and facilitated by Beth Reese who has 20+ years of training and teaching yoga, fitness and wellness to kids and adults.

Did you know that current brain, academic, and cardiovascular research provide evidence that practices related specifically to yoga and its breathing techniques offer our kids:
~ 27% increase in GABA levels (calmness, anti-anxiety);
~ Improved academic achievement through learning how to improve focus and handle stress;
~ Increased academic interest through integrated movement in traditionally sedentary academic settings?

Would you like to know more about the Houstonian Youth Yoga program? Please contact Misha Laird at