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Golf Fitness

The Houstonian Club is now offering a unique style class dedicated to demystifying the game of Golf. Millions spend hours glued to the TV watching their favorite golf pro. Their eyes are hooked on the physique and skill of their favorite golf athlete. Some people minimize golf acuity to the swing, or set-up or equipment. This is definitely a part of the bigger picture. There are other elements to keep in mind. 

Golf is a sport that requires great overall strength, flexibility and agility not unlike other sports like tennis, baseball, or lacrosse. One of the commonalities between these sports and golf is unilateral movement. One side of the body dominates the bulk of the movement. Clearly, the supporting side is also active however this one-sided movement can lead to repetitive stress injuries that are avoidable with proper training. The other commonality is body separation. The top half of the body is doing a different movement than the lower part of the body. Power and distance comes from the proper sequencing of all body parts. Ideal training includes body awareness, skill drills, as well as conditioning weaker muscles to withstand the physicality of the sport. 

There is NOT only one way to swing a club, rather an infinite number of swing styles. But, there is one EFFICIENT way for every player to swing and it’s based on what the player can physically do. The most efficient swing is not the same for every golfer, because efficiency is unique to your body. To achieve an efficient swing, a golfer must first be screened.

We begin the GolfFIT workshop series with a golf swing and fitness assessment using the latest technical applications for analysis.

We then delve into body mechanics and postural analysis. From this data, we build a program tailored to the individual needs of each participant. Patti Plagmann, TPI Golf Fitness Instructor and Melody Allen, Pilates Gyrokinesis® Instructor, combine fun and experience working in the field as high-performance coaches into every session.

For more information, please or to register please email Melody at or Patti at

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