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We often ask our Members for feedback regarding their Fitness Results.  For example, on  a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your current Fitness Results at our Club?

Not only do we want our members to enjoy the Club and everything it has to offer, but we want you to SEE the results of your dedication to your membership when you look in the mirror.  We want you to SEE a leaner, healthier, more fit body as well as FEEL the benefits of a health-conscious, fitness-oriented lifestyle.

One surefire way to amp up your Fitness Results is to mix up your workouts rather than doing the same workout routine or taking the same classes week after week.  We are creatures of habit, so we tend to find something we like, and stick with it rather than trying new things.  Although any exercise (as long as it is safe and effective) is better than no exercise at all, the fruits of your labor will be much more apparent and visible if you participate in a variety of different exercises throughout the week.

In fact, repetitive exercises using the same muscle groups performed day after day, without allowing your body the time to rest and recover can be detrimental to your overall Fitness Results.  Rather than being beneficial, repetitive exercises can cause injury to the joints and the breakdown of muscle tissue, instead of increasing lean muscle mass and the reduction in body fat that is desired.  

To help boost your Fitness Result scores, take advantage of the many options the Club has to offer. The Aquatics, Racquet Sports, Fitness Center and Group Exercise programs offer a wide range of options to choose from. You can also consider treating yourself to Private Sessions or one of the many Special Programs offered  at the Club. So, get out there, MIX IT UP, and reap the benefits of the vast opportunities to get fit and stay fit here at The Houstonian Club!  

Kelley Bettis
Group Exercise Director

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