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The Art of Disguise

The answer would be the "left hook.” This is the ability to disguise a maneuver to make the other one more effective. The same strategy applies to tennis. Players can greatly benefit from the ability to disguise their shots by having a variety of shots to use. The "Art of Disguise” is best utilized with mastering both topspin, slice and more.  

A well hit topspin-forehand-ground stroke down the line would be very difficult to distinguish from a well hit topspin–forehand-cross-court since the ability to disguise shots is more effective when using spin. The fact that a player can confidently execute both shots makes it more difficult for the opponent to know which shot to cover. On the other hand, if a player only has a good down the line shot, this shot alone is not as effective without the doubt of the opponent knowing you can also hit the same shot cross court. So, to become a master of disguise, be sure to add topspin to your game if you have not already. 

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