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What's your starting position?

Picking a start position at the beginning of a triathlon or open water race is very important since the swimmer does not want to get boxed into a pack and not be able to break free. If swimmers find themselves in the middle of a pack and want to be in the front or side of the pack, you must be somewhat aggressive to get there. Making your way to the side of a pack will take the least amount of energy while still holding your race position.

It is a lot easier to swim with one swimmer on your side then being boxed in the pack. If a swimmer is in the middle of a pack, there will be a lot of needless energy exerted because you will be hit and jostled on both sides by other competitors.

For more information on race positioning please contact Charlie Fry at If you are interested in The Houstonian Club Triathlon team please contact Karen Klucznik at 

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