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Our spacious and inviting Pilates Studio looks out onto a beautifully landscaped green area, providing a warm, welcoming atmosphere for our members and guests.  Pilates is an effective, efficient, full-body workout that is based on the core principles of alignment, stability, and breath.  This workout will lengthen your muscles and build strength without adding bulk, while also streamlining your body and adding muscle tone. Click here to find out more.

Our experienced and certified teachers support their clients’ personal goals by bringing physical awareness, fitness, and alignment into each of their client's lives.  Our studio is appointed with state of the art equipment including the Gyrotonic Expansion System ® which works your body in a non-linear way through circular movements.  It combines elements of dance, yoga, swimming, Thai Chi, and gymnastics.

Another available service in our studio, which provides our members and guests with an alternative approach to Mind/Body, is "Thai stretching".  Thai stretching is a blend of accupressure, passive yoga stretching, and reflexology that releases energy blocks and frees the flow of energy in the body. This provides improved circulation, flexibility, and muscle tone. After a session of Thai-stretching, clients with stiff muscles, arthritis, or limited mobility of joints feel revitalized, rejuvenated, and their body is re-balanced.  

Experience our new, fun and dynamic exercise combination of Pilates/Gyrotonic® and Aerial Arts. Youʼll flex expanding your mental and physical limits while building a high degree of strength, power, flexibility, courage, and grace. You'll fly through the air reaching and stretching and taking your body to new heights. You'll flow with aerial silks supporting your body, increasing your abdominal core strength and allowing a deeper stretch while gently relieving compressed joints. Elevate your workout to another dimension with Flex, Fly and Flow!

To schedule an appointment or receive further information about Pilates, Gyrotonic ®, Flex, Fly and Flow or Thai stretching, please contact Kim Kilway, at or 713.685.7981.