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Thai Massage

Release tight joints and stretch muscles
Increase range of motion
Reduce stress and increase circulation
Improve resistance to fatigue and illness...through Thai Massage with Joe Hanlon

Joe Hanlon has practiced Thai Massage (Nuat Boran) for 10 years, including training in Thailand with master instructor Pichest Boonthumme during the last 8 summers. Thai Massage is a blend of acupressure, passive yoga stretching and reflexology that releases energy blocks and frees the flow of energy in the body (improved circulation, flexibility and muscle tone). This is done on a mat on the floor wearing comfortable clothing. It has been taught and practiced in Thailand for over 2500 years. Thai Massage is the perfect compliment to any exercise routine. If you are stiff, sore or tired from overwork, have arthritis or anything limiting your mobility come in and after your session feel revitalized as the body is rebalanced. You will have more energy and resistance to fatigue and illness as the immune system is heightened and the body is detoxified. Your increased flexibility will help prevent future injuries. As you receive you can enhance your mind body connection. Learn how to let go and relax.

Private one hour session: $90

For more information please call Joe at 713.685.7987 or stop by the Pilates Studio.