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Lisa Riddle's Success Story

Lisa Riddle started RSU* in January 2013 hoping to lose a few pounds, get into shape and learn to live a healthier lifestyle. She hadn't been to the gym in over a year, she was low on energy, and her clothes were becoming "very snug". During her first orientation, she signed a year-long contract-without even seeing a RSU workout. This contract allowed her the flexibility to attend multiple class days and times and even make-up classes when she was gone. She learned that implementing a consistent workout regime, a healthy diet, and setting realistic, lifestyle goals were the keys to success.  In her first 8 ½ months of her year-long contract, she lost 19.4 inches, 18 lbs., and 13.4 % body fat. 

How does Lisa describe RSU? "I never thought "sweat" could feel so good!  In 6 months my ‘body age’ went from 54 to 38 (and I am younger than 54!). I have more energy and my endurance and activity level has exploded. By far, Ronnie & Leslie's passion & sincerity was the greatest motivator! They lead by example. The workouts are challenging but FUN! Since part of the RSU program is working with the dietician, she has educated me on ‘eating clean’ and logging my food intake. The affects are astonishing and I have never felt better!” 

RSU celebrated at the end of the summer session with a Houstonian Lite Bite Celebration.  Lisa won the drawing for logging her food every day of the 6 week session.  The prize was a $900 credit to her bill.  Congratulations Lisa for all your accomplishments!



Mollie Schaffer's Success Story

In the winter of ’08, a friend told me about a program at The Houstonian…RSU.  I had been searching for a comprehensive plan to address weight and manage personal fitness goals.  I made a call of inquiry and within days was a freshman in a MWF ’08 winter session class.  Honestly, my plan was to attend class, listen, learn, perform, reap the benefits and move on.  Little did I know, nor was I prepared for, how meaningful the experience would be.  I didn’t even meet my goal weight, but I was happy.  Can you imagine?  And I was grateful.  

Grateful to have discovered a dedicated, professional team of creative, knowledgeable, compassionate and caring individuals… Leslie and Ronnie Klaus.  Through the years they have fashioned a program that emphasizes health and well being.  Patiently…daily, they deliver their informed professional message on nutrition, strength and fitness with care and concern for their client, while challenging students to rise to the occasion and realize a healthier, happier "you.”  Of course it goes without saying, members respond to challenge differently, yet this team manages to meet the needs of even the most demanding personalities with grace.  Each class builds an "esprit de corps.”  Friendships are forged, and under their guidance, peer support networks are built.  I could hardly wait to sign up for the first session of 2009!  My last.  As a non-member I was eligible for one session a year.

As the weeks, then months of ’09 rolled by I began to prepare for the time when I would no longer be an RSU member.  I started by making a list of the professionals I would need to find, retain and inform in order to continue my program.  It was daunting.  I know nutritionists and trainers are plentiful in Houston, but I would need a team…in every sense of the word.  I would need individuals who respected each other and would put my best interest at heart every time I called upon them; just as Leslie and Ronnie do every day.  It became a topic of conversation in my home, for my family, as well as I, had benefited from the lessons I learned in RSU. 

Alas, my husband took the situation in hand.  As a surprise for me, I received a membership to The Houstonian as a VERY loving gift. This is a gift that will insure my health and well being for years to come and not to mention fun!  And it is all because of RSU.    
I salute you for your dedication to excellence for your members and the wisdom to offer superior programming such as RSU. 


Mollie Schaffer