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last updated 9/14/14

The Region’s Premier Yoga Center

Complimentary yoga classes are available to all Houstonian Club Members. Designed by our staff of yoga professionals, these unique classes include:

  • Yoga Therapy (beginner): a beginner-friendly and physically-mild practice.
  • Yoga Stretch (beginner): a beginner-friendly practice, geared towards the physically-fit participant looking for a good stretch.
  • Yoga Body (beginner/intermediate): a well-rounded practice that may include sun salutations.
  • Yoga Lab (intermediate): an eclectic exploration of processes to open and balance the body with Robert Boustany.
  • Yoga Heat (intermediate): a more athletic practice building internal heat with longer holds in more advanced postures.
  • Inversions at the Wall (intermediate):  a practice that focuses on properly preparing the body for arm balances.
  • Yoga Flow (advance):  a more athletic practice including on-your-own flow work to today's music.
  • Yoga Bootcamp (advance):  a playful but physically INTENSE, hot & sweaty, groove-to-great-music.

With classes for beginners to experienced practitioners, like everything else at The Club, our yoga program is unparalleled.

To see the yoga classes in our Group Exercise Schedule, click here

"Misha, I want you to know thanks to your Tuesday stretch class with focus on Yoga breath followed by the fabulous meditations, that I have finally had a major break through on managing my major blood pressure problems. That was the only outstanding health issue I had left to get solved. Turns out a chunk of it was being run in my head and through your teaching and a good nurse coaching me to close my eyes use my Yoga breath I had a huge breakthrough with my phobia of  having my blood pressure being taken. I deeply want to thank you for giving me the simple management tools with lots of practice. Can't wait to get back to classes!"  XO Candyce


To find out more about Houstonian's yoga classes and available services including complimentary 30-minute consultations for all members who are new to yoga, please contact Misha Laird at or 713.263.6602.

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