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Beginner Yoga Recommendations

last updated 11/22/14

A note about the temperature in Studio B.  The Club's Engineering Department works hard every day to keep the yoga room 78 to 82 degrees.  But our heating & cooling system is fragile and temperatures may vary, especially when the weather outside dramatically changes.  When temperatures are outside the set range, instructors notify the Engineering and adjustments are made as soon as possible.  That's sometimes why you'll see Engineering come into Studio B in the middle of a class with a ladder to get into the ceiling unit.  Some recommendations to help you enjoy your time in Studio B.
  • Wear removable layers.
  • If you want a cooler experience, practice by either door.
  • If you want a warmer experience, practice as far away from the doors as possible.

If you have lost your personal yoga mat recently, check in the bench between the bathroom doors in the hallway.  There's a storage space under the seat.