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Those two famous doctors, or "The You Docs,” Drs. Mehmet Oz (of Oprah fame) and Michael Roizen, offer some great tips, "Don’t let the holidays go to your waistline,” in today’s Houston Chronicle. And, that famous dietitian, Melissa Hawthorne, offers 10 great tips as well, in a sidebar article. Melissa is the only dietitian quoted or sourced for the article.

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Happy post-Thanksgiving eating!

Want to burn a few more calories? Let those spicy peppers do the work, as they have been shown to increase a person’s metabolism for a short time during the day.

That’s according to Registered Dietitian Melissa Hawthorne, who was quoted in the October/November issue of the national women’s magazine, Heart & Soul, which has a circulation of more than 300,000.

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Pass the guacamole!

It’s never too late to start working on your health and wellness. Just ask 69-year-old member Richard "Dick” Kuringer. According to his personal trainer Tim Lamando, Dick approached him about three years ago, sedentary and lethargic at 250 pounds. He had type 2 diabetes and a 50-inch waist. He was reluctant to begin a fitness regimen at his age, but after some urging from his grandchildren that they wanted him to "be around” and not "round,” Tim began to work with him.

Melissa Hawthorne’s great holiday tips on how to avoid gaining weight this holiday season is going to get some national coverage too! It will be posted on www.AlwaysNewYou.comsoon…We will keep you posted.

According to its website, AlwaysNewYou offers health and beauty secrets for the modern, maturewoman.

It seems that Group Exercise Instructor Hardy Pollardknows a thing or two about motivating participants in spinning classes so that they’ll keep coming back for more! In the November/December of IDEA Fitness Journal, Hardy and others from across the country offer tips in "A Smoother Ride.”

Check out number 4, "Visualize Sparingly.”

Evidently, Hardy does such a good job of keeping his cyclists on the right track that the word gets around. The reporter, Dr. Martina Heaner, heard so many good things that she’s coming in from New York City next week to take his class!

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It’s inevitable. All of us have times when we’re feeling a little down. What’s one of the best ways to overcome those feelings? According to Personal Trainer Bob Talamini, it’s aerobic exercise, as he explains in the article, "Beat the Blues…in the Gym” in the November issue of Health & Fitness Sports Magazine.

Check out the article, and you too can kick the stress and beat the blues!

See you in the dance class!

Members always have known The Houstonian Club is ‘swanky,’ and now Self magazine does too, as it is recognizes The Houstonian Club as one of only four throughout the country as the ‘swankiest.’

Congratulations to The Houstonian Club, continuing to offer first-rate service and amenities to members and guests!