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Afterschool Action: Ages 5-12

Youth Waiver

Youth Activities:
Various youth programs are scheduled throughout the year such as Basketball, Soccer, Football, Volleyball, Aerobic Dance and youth fitness classes. For more information please contact the Youth Department at 713.685.7912.

After School Action: Winter 2016
Session 1: Jan. 25 - March 13 (7 weeks) No Classes on Spring Break (March 14 - 18)
Session 2: March 21 - May 6 (7 weeks)
Basketball Session 1: Jan. 4 - May 13  No Classes on Spring Break (March 14 - 18)
$30 per class
4 - 4:30 p.m.   Sports Conditioning   Matt Blackwell   Studio A   Ages 5-7 (Complimentary)
4:30 - 5 p.m.   Sports Conditioning   Matt Blackwell   Basketball Court   Ages 8-14 (Complimentary) 
4:45 - 5:30 p.m. Youth Basketball   Dimitrios Carter Basketball Court Ages 5-7**
5:30 - 6:15 p.m. Youth Basketball   Dimitrios Carter Basketball Court Ages 8-12**
4 - 4:45 p.m.   Football   Antrone Harris   Meadow   Ages 5-up** (Complimentary)
4 - 5 p.m. Soccer  Dayron Rodriguez Meadow Ages 5 and up (Complimentary)

** Pre-Registration required and fees apply

Class Descriptions:

Sports Conditioning – Certified Personal Trainer Matt Blackwell takes fitness to a level that children can understand in this high octane exercise class. His usage of up to date fitness activities that is translated to children’s understanding delivers a powerful class full of excitement and energy.


Youth Basketball – Ready to get ahead of your competition and dribble circles around them? The Houstonian’s Youth Basketball will give you the skills to pass, shout, dribble and rebound like an NBA All-Star. Coach Dimitrios Carter relays all around basketball skills in a way that any child would understand.

Youth Soccer – Pele, Renaldo, Donovan, these epic soccer players stated with the fundamentals. Do you want to start on your way to becoming one of the great soccer players of your day? The Houstonian’s Youth Soccer Class teaches you the necessary techniques and know-how to become one of the greatest. Passing, dribbling, shooting and game situations will put you ahead of the curve.
Aerobic Dance - This class combines toning with dance instruction for 45-minutes of strength, flexibility, and fun. Get ready to break a sweat and feel the burn to fun upbeat music!
FootballWe will work on fundamentals and skills (ie: conditioning, agility, footwork, catching, throwing. The Coach will also be able to adapt his lesson plan to fit member’s needs and requests. This will allow for the coach as well as the sport to be sampled and showcased for the member base. We plan to have a better understanding of the members and what they would like to see happen with the program. From there we can reevaluate the plan for January, whether it be; Afterschool action, private lessons.
Volleyball - Designed for the competitive athlete, this two hour session is filled with conditioning, skill development, and volleyball game fundamentals. College volleyball player, Madeline Young, will prepare you for all levels of the sport including school teams, league play, tournaments, and college. Join us as we combine cardio and power training along with intense drills and competitive games to transform you into the ultimate volleyball player. Get ready to bump, set, and spike.